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PaweĊ‚ Polewicz

Technical Project Leader

Depending on circumstances, a software project can be a great success or a major disaster. We believe that the chances of running a successful project are far from random.

Through the use of metrics, automation, experience and best practices, one can take advantage of technology, greatly increasing the odds of success.

We can create customized software to solve any problem you might have.

We have knowledge and experience in:

  • Database design
  • Streaming systems
  • Websites
  • Banking systems
  • Kernel programming
  • Infrastructure management
  • Cloud systems
  • API integration
  • Instant messengers / chat systems
  • e-commerce
  • Monitoring
  • Data visualization
  • Fast searching systems
  • Distributed storage and data processing systems
  • Advanced SCM integration


Building complete solutions from requirements gathering, through design and implementation to deployment

Build innovative systems with LEAN methodology to reduce cost and enable rapid learning

Rapidly deliver applications for internal needs of an organization

High quality, distributed, failure tolerant, high performance, scalable backend systems

Contributing to open source projects to add features or fix issues

Super scalable, serverless systems. Able to handle millions of requests per second.

When userland is not enough

Design, implementation, optimization and deployment of SQL / NoSQL systems

Software that installs on a an end-user computer

Speed optimization and resource consumption reduction

Parsing, indexing and fast searching

Processing raw bits of data into business value

Full control over all layers of software

Low cost, super scalable e-radio infrastructure which scales to millions of listeners

Increasing quality and maintainability of existing codebase

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