Working with Reef Technologies was a great decision. We were concerned about the technical debt that we had and low-quality code, so we needed world-class professionals to make it up. We are extremely happy and satisfied with the results, since we managed to meet our really tight deadline. We will definitely keep up this partnership! Thanks!

Jay Newton Director of Software Development

I had a real complex and specific problem to fix (Network + Python + API problem), 4 programmers tried during one month and all failed! But Reef Technologies found it just in 2 days and explained exactly what is the problem and how to fix it. Real professionals and the best workers I’ve met in 2 years running my business!

Damien Gensanne .


Depending on circumstances, a software project can be a great success or a major disaster. We believe that the chances of running a successful project are far from random.

Through the use of metrics, automation, experience and best practices, one can take advantage of technology, greatly increasing the odds of success.

We are a team of backend addicts and masters of skills.

Our customers choose Reef Technologies because they know they can count on great communication, smashing programming efficiency and supreme experience.

The LEAN management methods keep us focused on delivering the most outstanding value.

Paweł Polewicz, Reef Technologies, CEO


Reef Technologies is a fully remote Python software house.

It means you can work with us no matter where you are: home, rented office or a beach in Thailand.

Sounds fair and catchy?

Great! Let us know you want to join the team!



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