Jira hell

Imagine you want to file a bug in Jira. You click „new issue” and a form with a few tabs opens. Count the fields – there are more than 200 in total. You are forced to fill this thing properly by the organization.

Welcome to jira hell.

This sometimes happens, because the person in control over Jira configuration adds fields without fully understanding the consequences. Sometimes there are multiple administrators, which can lead to duplicate fields. In one project I found three fields for the same thing. My friend found dozens of fields which had an empty value in all issues – someone added those because he thought they might be needed. We don’t know who.

I’ve seen one field which had a red, bold text just under it, saying „you must fill this field!” or something like that. It sounded serious, but my team never filled it and, strangely, there were no consequences. That struck me as odd. If it is so important, not using the field must have some negative impact, right?

I decided to find out who added this field. That took a while, but the person said that it was needed in a past for analysis which has been done over the course of 6 months and was completed (terminated!) a year ago. Field or the red notice were not removed. Also, this analysis did not involve my team (there was no appropriate value to select from the combo box for what we did). As far as I know, until this day, every other team in the project is carefully filling this field for every issue that they report.

Think twice before adding a field to Jira. It is a serious decision with a long-term impact on many people.