On hiring software developers through recruitment agencies

From what I’ve seen, the entire effort of a recruitment agency is:

  1. Gather requirements for the given position from the customer, put it in a Word document (takes maybe one hour)
  2. Send it to a recruitment portal, paste an excerpt on LinkedIn (takes a few minutes)
  3. Pretend to process the CVs that people send, for example by calling each person and asking how much money they want. 3 questions tops, so that it does not filter too many candidates (takes 15-20 minutes per candidate)
  4. Forward the CV to the customer (few minutes)

For doing the above they collect between 10% and 25% of the yearly pay of the filled position, at least where I come from. Could the client have that done the same by using internal resources? How do you think?

Attentive reader will observe that if the candidate demands the exact top of the budget the commission will be maximized for the recruitment agency.

Think about that next time an agent asks you about the budget.