For a customer from Lyon (France), we investigated a server performance issue. Website seemed to be slow, despite a new dedicated server with 40 CPU cores, 256GB of RAM and a 500Mbps network.

The matter was urgent, a slow website was turning away paying customers, while an expensive marketing campaign was taking place. Money was being lost, we needed to move quickly.

The root cause was a large packet loss of SYN packets sent to a third-party vendor API. The most effective solution for this was to use persistent HTTPS connections, with many requests handled over the same socket. The change in the code was performed by software developers customer has already hired, based on our analysis.

Damien Gensanne said:

Damien GensanneI had a real complex and specific problem to fix (Network + Python + API problem), 4 programmers tried during one month and all failed! But Reef Technologies found it just in 2 days and explained exactly what is the problem and how to fix it. Real professionals and the best workers I’ve met in 2 years running my business!