X2 was designed as an advanced alternative to linux-hosted radio streaming programs available at the time.

The transmitter had full control over fade-in and fade-out, as well as on filtering the sound samples, which allowed for configuration flexibility so much desired by our radio operators. Thanks to this technology, they could separately configure the mixing of music-to-music and music-to-jingle, achieving unparalleled results in terms of end-user audio quality. X2 had also been one of the first transmitters to use a Compressor-Expander algorithm which carefully leveled the volume of music, delivering a smooth experience to the listener.

In 2005-2008 the X2 transmitter was licensed to the largest e-radio station in the world where it continuously delivered all input streams for 16 e-radio channels.

During all the years of production usage, X2 had no user-perceptible downtime, achieving 100% availability (including the period of partial power loss in the datacenter).